About Us

The Marist Brothers are members of an international religious teaching institute dedicated to education. They are present in 27 countries in Africa and 79 countries of the world trying to meet the needs of young people.

St. Martin Youth Training Centre, Bishop Mugendi Secondary School and Our Lady of Orore.

We are at present engaged in 3 schools of different characters placed in and around Lake Victoria (read more on our “Location”-site).  Our Lady of Orore is a primary school,  Bishop Mugendi is a secondary school and St. Martin is a Youth Training Centre;   The three institutions have boarding facilities for staff and students. The primary and secondary school teach the average academic subject, while St. Martin Youth and Training Centre prepares young people for life through professional training in theory and practice of the common school subjects and  life coping skills, masonry, agriculture, tailoring and dressmaking, engine maintenance, typing and computer, fiberglass production, plumbing, metalwork, woodwork and welding.

Distinctive style of education:

“To bring up children properly, we must love them and love them equally.” (St. Marcellin Champagnat)

Presence: We educate above all through being present to young people in ways that show that we care for them personally.

Simplicity:  Our simplicity expresses itself primarily through contacts with young people who are genuine and straightforward, undertaken without pretence or duplicity.

Family Spirit:   Marcellin´s great desire and legacy is that we relate to each other and to the young people in our care as the members of a loving family would intuitively do.

Love of Work:  Marcellin was a man of work and a sworn enemy of laziness.  In a school setting,  love of work implies a careful preparation of our classes and educational activities, through correction of students’ assignments and projects, planning and evaluation of our programs and additional accompaniment of those who are experiencing any sort of difficulties.

In the way of Mary: Mary is for us the perfect model of the Marist educator.  As educator of Jesus at Nazareth, she inspires our pedagogical approach.

“There is a dawn for us and for the children in Kenya. Let us show solidarity for the one world that has been given to all of us”

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