BMSS:Evaluation progress of Bishop Mugendi Secondary School 2010-2011.


ANALYSIS OF 2010 – 2011.


The academic year 2010 ended with some doubts from both the parents and students not knowing whether the school will continue to exist or not. Despite the assurance by BR. Provincial to the school community, the doubt still existed among teachers and students and many parents were in “Let us wait and see.”

Some of the changes that were eagerly awaited included: replacement of School Bursar cum Secretary, admission of girls in the school and changes we were putting across during our campaign in our visits to different Primary schools around. Parents and teachers from primary schools around were expecting higher performance. However, the school only managed a mean of 5.48 which is a slight improvement compared to 2009 results. This places our school at position three in Suba District after Tonga Boys and Moi Sindo Girls. These two schools had subsidies from the Government- Tonga Boys to the tune of 20million while Sindo girls 10million. Bishop Mugendi Secondary School was in great financial difficulties. The analysis of this academic year 2011 is going to be based on SWOT as a tool and taking into account different views from B.O.G, P.T.A and some students taken randomly to enrich this evaluation.


S: strengths


  • The uncertainty caused by remarks that the school is closing down and the negative campaign by some people, made the school to loose a number of students. We started the year 2011 with only 69 students.  This number rose by 22 after we admitted new students from other schools following our results which were fairly good. The enrolment improved further when 40 students were enrolled in Form 1. Currently, our enrolment is 128 students and we have also received request from parents that would like to bring their sons and daughters to our school beginning next year 2012. We are optimistic that our population will keep on rising.
  • The existing staff realized the danger and went out in recruitment and was determined to work harder.
  • Some parents renewed their confidence in the school management
  • A number of students got Government Bursary contrary to last years.
  • The school has uplifted its face by having three classrooms repaired, construction of a modern volleyball pitch, the only one in the region, buying and putting up new water tanks and planting new trees among other development. This shows that Marist brothers are true to their words.
  • The change from pure boys status to mixed status has been received positively by parents and the community around the school.
  • The experienced and stable staff.
  • In all 15 primary schools, either the head teacher or the deputy or at least one of the staff members is a former student of B.M.S.S.
  • The school though humble, has made a good name in this area. About 6 priests were students here and other young men are following their formation in different formation houses of different congregations (about 5) were students here.
  • The presence of Marist Brothers which gives a good witness according to Champagnant’s charism.

W:  weeknesses

  • The proximity to the lake which leads people (parents) and students to believe in cheap and easy money by fishing.
  • The low income of parents which affects the school fees payments at the right time.
  • The last year’s performance which did not show an impressive upward movement so as to attract better students who could afford school fees easily.
  • The loyal staff though experienced but not given opportunities to upgrade their level, no increment of their salaries in the last 7 years while the government has increased the salaries three times.
  •  The low motivation of the staff due to economic hardship the country is faced with since the beginning of the year 2011.
  • The lack of upwards and progressive performance which leads to recruitment of low level students or rejected students by performing schools.
  • Lack of enough materials for teaching- computers, Laboratory, Library (with old and outdated books).
  • Lack of tangible source of income in a rural area setting.
  • Lack of exposure of the students and ignorance on benefit of education by the parents.


O: opportunities

  • About 15 primary schools around Bishop Mugendi School have enough population to feed this school.
  • The school has enough land about (12acres) and a conducive environment for agriculture and livestock rearing so as to set an example to the population around.
  • Though viewed as a weakness above, the fact that the school is in rural area is also an opportunity if considered as a conducive environment for learning and for the most neglected as recommended by our founder.
  • The hunger for education and the good reception of the youth around the school and the students.
  • The renewed confidence of the well being of the school by parents and the community surrounding the school.
  • The pride the community has in the school.
  • Will of good wishers to help the school come up after opening a website of the Marist apostolate in the lake region.
  • The proximity to the lake will help the school to fully utilize the school land.
  • The hopes of better performance than last year’s
  • B.M.S.S has enough facilities to accommodate a great number of students.
  • T: threts
  • The threat of not having enough money to end the school year 2011.
  • This year_ 2011, the food, inflation of the local currency has been a threat and is still a threat. Inflation of 20% and the slide of shilling combined not only hurt the parents but the school as well.

The staff demotivation and discouragement due to economic hardships.

  • The discouragement of some brothers in the school facing hardship situation.
  • The discouragement of the Provincial council towards this.




  • After some months on the ground, I have seen that: The school has potential to develop and to become a school of good reputation in the area. The school can increase its population and can improve its performance only if supported. It can also be self sufficient in 2 years to come.
  • This observation is from the fact that actually the school is feeding students on maize harvested from our farm in the last season.
  • These are possible if: The school can utilize the natural resource it has (land), the purchase of a tractor is paramount to produce food which can sustain the school which may lead to the decrease of the school fees to allow more students at low cost and we get the number.
  • The school should acquire enough materials to accommodate a good number of students in computer, library and laboratory.
  • The staff salaries should be increased to help them face the challenges of economic hardships to sustain their respective families. This staff motivation can be done using both short term and long term basis.
  • Helping staff to find some sponsors, to finance their upgrading in the form of loan to be paid back when studies finished. They should be bonded.
  • To put up a small revolving loan of about Ksh. 50,000 with a warranty to a bank of about ksh 150,000. This can be borrowed by the staff at an interest determined by the bank.




Our sincere thanks go to Bro Hans and his team of Ramba for their tireless effort to improve the life in school through transformation of the Marist Brothers Workshop into girls dormitory, the purchase of 9 water tanks of 5000litres each for the school and 1 tank of the same capacity to the community. His effort to install solar lighting in the girls dormitory and in the school and providing the school with a generator to provide light to students in case of power rationing which is usually a trend in this area. His tactful touch with St. Camilus at Karungu which enabled us to use their tractor on (trial basis), gave the school the possibilities to have a realizable dream. We are aware of his effort to help the school get water from the lake, which can make irrigation possible and therefore utilization of the school land more profitably.


Our appreciation goes to Brothers Andreas and Juan _ SED for their sponsorship of about 30 students_ 10 students each and face lifting of the volleyball pitch which has made the school a place many students from other schools wish to be hosted in the games tournaments..


To everybody who has contributed to the well being of the school, we say thank you and may God bless all your projects.


Br. Elie Twagirayezu (Principal)

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