A Message from Br.Elie

Dear Friends,

After a long time, I like to share with you great things which have been happening in BMSS. I hope Bro. Hans has been sending you some information about the close cooperation between St. Martin YTC and our Secondary School. I thank Bro. Hans for his committed support and encouragement. 

As a result of our joint recruitment efforts in both schools we have been blessed with a great number of students.  In BMSS the number of girls jumped from 14 in 2011 to 55 this year while the total enrollment increased by more than 100 or about 50%. This blessing did not come about by only our efforts but yours as well. Students in Class

We had to make some moves which required unforeseen financial expenses.  We did not hesitate in assuring the parents to renew  their trust in us because we knew that had a reliable “backup” in YOU. Our common calendar for our two institutions were a clear witness of our brotherhood with the same vision of education, “to educate children we must love them and love them equally” St. Marcellin.

The new challenges in both schools brought us closer than ever.  I must say that without the technical hands of the instructors of St. Martin YTC,  the double stream of students in Form One and the accommodation of the increased number of students in other classes could not have been realized: beds were made without delay to cope with the growing number of boarders; the roof of the girls´ hostel had to be replaced before the onset of the rainy season; the urgent construction for the daily ablutions of  the increased number of girls is still ongoing… St. Martin YTC responded positively and we are managing satisfactorily.

We now have a computer room with 15 computers installed and working. Some of t he ladies of the YTC tailoring department are making covers to protect them from being affected by dust while others are busy making school uniforms for our schools and others.TAiloring Class

 Now that so many blessings have come our way we need to work towards becoming ever more self-supporting and self-sustainable. Therein lies the hope and future for development in Africa.  With our positive experience in the last short rainy season, we come to realize that food security must be a major concern in our schools.

Maize harvestWe shared the maize and sorghum we harvested at BMSS with YTC and until now our students are enjoying brown uji (porridge) for breakfast and brown ugali (cooked to be firm like dough) for lunch and supper. 



uagli and omena meal

This made us decide to hire a bulldozer to remove  the lucina and other  stumps which had invaded our field, especially in the most fertile areas, over many years,. Thanks to Bro. Hans and Mr. Michael who made the courageous effort to persuade a construction company which is building the Mbita–Homa Bay road for the government to remove the myriad of stumps to make the land arable. This imminent rainy season will prove to be our great test and challenge.

Farm Preparation

We are very grateful for your help and concern and we keep you in our hearts and in our prayers.

Br. Elie



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