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In Africa we say that when you want to go fast, go alone, when you want go far, go with others. Marist Brothers is a Faith based Organization founded in 1879 and opened its mission in Kenya Orore in 1995 to provide Education to the less privileged in the community. The primary school of Orore started its operation in the same year 1995.
The school commenced with a population of 96 pupils purely as day scholars. It has since grown to contain averagely (500) five hundred pupils.
In Aug 2005 at Orore, the Marist brothers met and approved the construction of a Boarding section for the sustainability of the school.
The same year, Construction of the Dining hall and Kitchen the capacity to serve 240 people comfortably seated. In these two years (2005-2006) both boys’ and girls’ dormitories were constructed. Both contain a population of averagely 220 pupils in the boarding. (120 girls and 100 boys)
In 2007, Extension of the land for the Football pitch is done.
Following the challenges in transportation of the pupils during academic tours, symposiums and picnics, the parents and benefactors agreed to purchase a School Bus .This was purchased in the year 2010.
Jan- 2008, due to high population, the school was registered to accommodate two streams per class.
Jan 2009 Introduction of the ECD classes were introduced at Our Lady of Orore School to improve the quality of class one and accommodate more children for good foundation of primary Education.
March 2010. Construction of the teaching staff quarters began and completed in December the same year.
May 2011, through the help of our friends from Spain (Madrid) an information technology unit is established.
2012-2013- construction of a new school library with a capacity of 200 pupils at ago.
The year 2012 marked celebration of sixteen years of existence of our lady of Orore primary school in Kenya. It is clear; based on its past records that this school is headed for greater achievements.
Our wish is to go even further in our quest to provide a stronger foundation for the future generation in forming our pupils to be good citizens and God fearing.
So far the school has made a great impact within and without the area where it has produced ladies and gentlemen that are of great benefit to the society. It is my hope that all pupils, staff, parents and stake players join us in this epic and challenging journey to tremendous greatness. You are an important component in the development of this institution and thus we need to go with you in the humble pursuit of our goals.
Success has very little to do with what one gains but what you do to others. It is the difference you make in others that matters not what you do to yourself.
The school has grown tremendously with time and we endeavor to undertake our roles as an institution of academic excellence and spiritual formation for our young angles.
I wish to thank our staff for giving their best to this institution. Let us continue working together as a team and let us continue to exercise humility, forgiveness and perseverance as the greatest values to success. We fully understand that the institution cannot grow without your full support, and we shall do our best to motivate the staff. We look at ourselves as those in God’s vineyard “whatever you do to your brother, you do it unto me.”
I honor the pupils of this school over the years for maintaining high levels of discipline and commitment to their studies. We are proud of both the alumni and current pupils of this institution.
In the successive five year running strategic plan (2011-2015). The school has the following projects:
1. Teachers’ houses to be expanded in 2012-2014
2. School library to be done in 2012-2013
3. Computer lab to be established in the year 2012
4. New dormitory with 300 capacity and class rooms to be done in the year 2013-2014
5. Evaluation of the strategic plan in 2015
So far we have managed to construct four houses for the teachers that were to be done in the year 2012-2013; teachers have started using the houses.
School library is complete as well as the computer laboratory.
The plans for funding the new classes and dormitory are on high gear. We are optimistic about their construction by the end of 2014
We humbly ask for your generous support from parents and all stake players so that we face the future with courage as we prepare our children for the future.
I would wish to thank the school management committee of this institution for their tireless contribution to the well-being of the institution, all the benefactors who include our brothers and friends from Germany, Spain (Madrid),France, Belgium and all others who have given us moral, spiritual and financial support to reach where we are today. They have been of great benefit in the management of the institution and have facilitated my work as the head teacher enormously. Their frequent contact with us clearly portrays their commitment to moving the school a notch higher. Thank you and May God bless you.
As a school community of our lady of Orore, our target is to make a difference in the education sector in this country and beyond for the benefit of both the current and future generation. We seek to produce highly qualified pupils who are equipped with Christian values and relevant skills that will eventually transform the scope of education for the better. Education is the basis to all forms of development and that’s why we believe that our teachers will be the light of the world.

Today, this nation has set in place an ambitious vision 2030 plan that is aimed at achieving tangible development in the next 20 years. As an institution we are committed to forming young people who will help realize this dream in our nation.
I would like to call upon all the stake players in this institution to observe the key virtues of life that include; love of God and neighbor,, respect for human life, lawful authorities and colleagues, concern for the poor, integrity, generosity, leadership, patriotism, love for work, sensitivity to the environment and discipline
As we endeavor to accomplish our wishes, let us remember our creator. We cannot succeed without His intervention into our lives. I urge everyone to put Him first in everything. God bless you all.

Br. Bernard Oguta
Head teacher

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