Our Lady of Orore Primary School

Aggrey Odundo
- English and Sst teacher 





Brother Andreas Krupp
- Marist Brother





Brother Bernard Oguta
- Cre and French teacher




Caroline Wachara
- Kiswahili and sst teacher





Collins Juma
Science and English teacher





Elizabeth Akinyi
- Mathematics and English teacher





Erick Oseno
- English and sst teacher





 Eunice Agunda
- Kiswahili and mathematics teacher





Fred Abongo
- English and sst teacher





Hesbone Odhiambo
Kiswahili teacher





Immaculate Aoko
- Mathematics and science teacher





Brother Hosea Mugera
- Headmaster, kiswahili and cre teacher





 Joshua Onimbo
- Mathematics and science teacher





Loreen Aresi
- English and kiswahili teacher 





Lorna Akinyi
- Mathematics and English teacher





Moses Kuye
- Sst and mathematics teacher





Moses Modady
- Kiswahili and English teacher





 Peter Macharia
- Science and sst teacher





 Phelix Ocholla
- English and sst teacher





 Quinter Kabera
- Sst and kiswahili teacher





Wycliff Ouma
- Kiswahili and science teacher 








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